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من قرأ القرآنَ فقد استدرج النُّبوَّةَ بين جنبَيْه غيرَ أنَّه لا يُوحَى إليه لا ينبغي لصاحبِ القرآنِ أن يجِدَ مع من وجَد ولا يجهلَ مع من جهِل وفي جوفهِ كلامُ اللهِ.
  • 2nd January 2014Android App

    we are developing an application which all most full fill all our Islamic needs such as Queda ,Quran and Ahadees etc .
  • 21st March 2014Ask Question

    we are are working hard on providing answers on your questions . ask any thing in our (Ask Question )section .
  • 10th June 2014Our Blog

    for Islamic news , we are working on our blogs which provide you updates from all over the world .

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